About Us

In the market for over 20 years, To Do’s main goal is attributing one of a kind value to its customers products.

Our method and your objective will lead the way to a logical outcome … with a twist! That optimal solution will depend on function and cost material adjustments, ergonomics, aesthetics and construction technics according to functions, not losing sight of maximum effect for minimum cost and making sure all elements in our strategy and all components of your product work together in harmony for success.

So, we not only design your idea, we design the way we work! For that, we constitute a team of 12 inventive, focused and efficient high level proficiency workers, comitted to maximize resources throughout work procedure and bring up front innovative solutions. Count us in for Product/Industrial Design, respective Development from Strategy to Test Series. But we do not only work in a turnkey logic! You can come to us whatever the phase your project is in, being that Design, Engineering, Prototyping, Packaging (consult Services). Along with a multitude of services and supplies we are technologically equipped with tool oriented CAD software workstations to expedite processes and speed up communication with our partners/clients/intervenients.

To Do works on a flexible and interdisciplinary basis and is also aware and conscient of environmental issues wich reveal a major concern for our current times. We consider cradle to cradle orientation and keep a close eye on renewable resources, technical/ echological materials research, as it has become a topic of guidance and unavoidable input in the international agenda to our present and future times.